Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Face Masks

I am the type of person who will keep their night time skin routine the same for ages. I am quite unadventurous when it comes to changing things up because, well, I'm a Cancer and if that isn't reason enough then I just like having something in my life be a constant. Although this weather is really testing my skin. Living in the Pacific Northwest means a lot of cold weather and I often find my skin a bit dry. Sometimes it feels a little more tight and dry then I would like and I am bound to change my skin routine.

The easiest way for me to moisturize my skin is by applying a face mask before I go to bed. A face mask that moisturizes is amazing and if it smells incredible than that is just an added benefit. I really like taking off a face mask and noticing how dewy and soft my skin looks. There are many face masks out there from clay, cloth, food etc.

My favorite face masks are the sheet or cloth one's just because they are no fuss and they are not messy. I often find that these come with a serum or a cleanser and that is just makes me feel like I am getting more of a good thing on my skin.

So, if you ever decide that the weather is really messing with you skin or if you just want to have a good little pamper session try out a face mask. They are not a lot of work and they are so much fun,

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