Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bubble Tea Craze

Bubble tea is not a new thing in my life, but since I found out about it I have become addicted. It's just so good. The first time a bubble tea stand opened up near my house I went crazy and I'm not exaggerating. My friends and I were so addicted we use to buy it everyday. I started with the typical coconut flavor until exploring the whole variety of flavors on the menu. I'm not usually adventurous, but I just HAD to try every flavor they offered.

My craze got so bad I had to force myself to stay away because it was definitely hurting my bank account. Since then I have slowed down on the craze, but it's still one of my bigger "likes" in life. jajaja. 

I think I still mention bubble tea to my mum at least once a week and I have also gotten my sisters hooked on it. I don't know if them getting hooked on it was the best idea since every time I walk through the door with it, it's snatched from my hands. 

If any of you have never tried bubble tea I would most definitely encourage it. I hope you enjoy !

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