Sunday, December 11, 2016

A different kind of Saturday

Saturday mornings in my family are something else to say the least. While most children get to sleep in and watch cartoons on Saturday morning my family has always done things a little differently. These experiences I call #growingupMexican and yes it is absolutely necessary that I use the hashtag.

Chilaquiles: Messy, but soooo delicious. 

I recently moved back into my family home since coming back from college and it amazes me how much can change and how many little things stay the same. Waking up on Saturday morning is a bit special. I get woken up by my mothers singing. I love my mothers voice, but when she gets into her music there is no stopping her. Her playlist varies based on her mood, but waking up to my mother belting out un grito and singing to mariachi or any Mexican music is a whole experience within itself. She dances around the kitchen as she cooks and cleans and eventually everyone joins in with the dancing and the off key singing.

Saturday mornings are not a relaxing time, its a day to grind and accomplish many things. We all wake up on Saturday to eat some good chilaquiles and to clean like crazy. I have a big family and cleaning up after so many of us is a mission within itself. We all help out around the house and once everything is cleaned up we eat amazing Mexican food (makes my mouth water just thinking about it) and watch Saturday morning Netflix.

Pan dulce in the morning...yummm.

Saturday mornings vary slightly depending on what everyone around the house is doing, but any typical Saturday is always an amazing thing to experience.

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